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100% natural African soap (100g)


African soap or “black” soap or “saboulou” is a very famous type of soap of 100% natural origin.

Its origins are mainly in West Africa.

Traditionally, the tribes of the West African region have produced this soap with previously harvested local plant extracts.

Its benefits :

  • Eliminates the toxins
  • Purifies the epidermis
  • Facilitates the penetration of the moisturizer after cleansing the skin
  • Control of skin infections caused by excess sebum
  • Blurs the spots
  • Removes make-up from the skin
  • Soothes itching associated with psoriasis or eczema
  • Prevents skin rash

Tip : Simply take a small piece of soap, rub it in your hands, until it foam slightly. Then use it on the parts of the body you want to clean.

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Weight 100 g


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