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100% Arabica coffee from Cameroon (50g)


Located in the north-west of Cameroon, the city of Foumban, capital of the Bamoun country, is the city of Cameroonian arts. Its altitude of some 1000 meters, the richness of its lands as well as the moderate heat and the significant rainfall rate of its climate make possible the cultivation of a 100% arabica intense coffee authentic and whose taste quality is recognized by all African coffee professionals.




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Cameroonian coffee is considered one of the best in the world for its flavor and diversity.

100% Pure Arabica coffee, from Cameroon. Treated by a wet process, this grade A washed coffee comes from the cooperative Oku Kumbo located on the highlands at 2200 m of altitude, whose volcanic soil, black and rich in humus reveals a particularly interesting soil. There, coffee trees grow under a fruit tree and forest shade. Due to the cold and very high altitude, the cherries ripen more slowly, in 8 months against 6 for the warm regions of Cameroon.



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