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Siwâk stick or Toothpick (unit)


The natural siwâk stick traditionally used for brushing teeth is derived from the root (or branch) of the shrub Salvadora persica.
Once the stick is chewed at one end, its fibers can easily enter the tooth intervals to clean them.
To this, add its sap, full of beneficial substances.
Siwâk is the ideal ally for good oral hygiene.
The word Siwâk refers to both the action of picking one’s teeth and the instrument used to do it.


The benefits of the Siwâk!

Thanks to its anti-bacterial properties, mineral salts and vitamin C content, siwâk:
  • Purifies the mouth and teeth.
  • Prevents the formation of plaque and the appearance of caries and their proliferation.
  • Naturally whitens the teeth.
  • Promotes digestion thanks to the secretion of salivary enzymes during brushing.
  • Strengthens and heals gums.
  • Refreshes and purifies the breath.
Advice for use :
Cut out a small piece of the curled bark and chew it for about ten minutes.
For better efficiency, you can rub your teeth and gums after each meal with the tip of the stick. Your teeth will be clean, clean and smooth.
Good to know!
It is particularly appreciated during religious fasting.

Additional information

Weight 20 g


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