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Since the dawn of time, African plants have been used to heal and invigorate the human body. This ancestral practice, which had been somewhat out of breath with industrialization, experienced a second wind with the advent of organic movement and veganism. Find out more about the anti-stress properties of lemongrass, the antioxidant side of the hibiscus flower or the energizing qualities of moringa.

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Have a cup of lemongrass, which is a natural anti-stress because it has calming properties. The hibiscus flower is an antioxidant and works as a protective barrier against aggressions external to the human body. Moringa is a natural energizer and booster. Baobab powder fights bad cholesterol and Type 2 diabetes. As for spirulina, it fights anemia and increases physical and sports abilities thanks to its high iron and potassium content.

In tea for plants from our online herbs shop or in powder for our superfoods, Blackissime products will do good to your body and mind.

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