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The Blackissime grocery store is an African Grocery in Paris which is full of exceptionally tasty and aromatic products. Spices for grilling, Akpi seeds, the exceptional Penja pepper, the very rare Oku honey will certainly make the difference in your dishes.

Penja pepper and Oku honey benefit from a protected geographical indication, which make them raw materials of a very high quality and exist in very small quantities.

All the products from our African grocery store in Paris are qualitative, natural and authentic.

We make sure to work with the best local players to offer you the very best products.


The products of our African grocery store in Paris come exclusively from the African continent where we strive to support sustainable development and fair trade. 

Cooking with our spices brings a different touch to your dishes. It is also good for your body because some of our spices, like kola, detoxifies, stimulates intestinal transit and promotes weight loss. Lastly, to make your taste buds travel and discover the culinary practices of other cultures.