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The Blackissime shop is a cave of Ali Baba. Each product is exceptional and contains unique richenesses. Our online African grocery store is full of spices that will definitely make a difference on your plates. Our herbalism consists of infusions and superfoods that will treat your daily ailments. Finally, our cosmetics will reveal the exceptional woman or man in you

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Since the dawn of time, African plants have been used to heal and invigorate the human body. This ancestral practice, which had been somewhat out of breath with industrialization, experienced a second wind with the advent of organic and veganism. Discover the calming properties of lemongrass, the antioxidant side of the hibiscus flower or the energizing qualities of moringa.



The Blackissime grocery store is an African grocery store in Paris full of exceptionally tasty and aromatic products. The spices for grilling, the seeds of Akpi, the exceptional pepper of Penja, the very rare honey of Oku will certainly make the difference in your preparations.

African beauty products

Like our online African grocery store and herbs shop, Blackissime African beauty products are raw and natural.

From the whitening effects of active charcoal and Sîwak stick to the moisturizing properties of palm kernel oil to the rejuvenating power of moringa oil, African beauty products are a real gold mine.

You can use them raw or as a base material to make your final product.

So you can make your own toothpaste with kaolin, your hair mask with moringa oil or your natural deodorant with Alum Stone powder.