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The Blackissime mag is a space where we regularly publish articles about Afro-Caribbean culture. Our articles are both informative and cultural.
In this space, you will learn recipes, you will have tips, you will know a little more about our products and you will become incollable on the culture of several countries of the Afro World.
‘Reading is in mind what exercise is in the body’.
Apart from the improvement of your general culture, did you know that reading helped to fight the aging of the brain, improve your memory, your empathy and your imagination?
So read and do it without moderation!

5 bonnes résolutions pour faire peau neuve après les fêtes

Chocolats, petits plaisirs gourmands, nuits trop courtes, inactivité sportive... Les fêtes de fin d'année sont souvent synonymes de laisser-aller. Elles laissent malheureusement des traces apparentes sur notre visage telles que : le teint terne, la peau fatiguée, des...

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