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Autumn is a nesting and cocooning season, where it is good to stay at home. It’s time to treat yourself to a lot of sweetness and take care of yourself at home. Quickly discover our 5 practical tips that will activate, for sure, your cocooning mode.

1. Drink some tea

Autumn is here, definitively here, with it the leaves of the trees that are tinged with red and orange, the first cold mornings and the days that get shorter.

And what could be more comforting than making a hot tea and wrapping up in a cozy blanket in front of its favorite Netflix series (you saw it, The Watcher?! A killer!)

Speaking of teas, nature is full of plants that are both comforting and beneficial to health.

Take, for example, lemongrass which is a natural anti-stress because it has calming properties. The flower ofhibiscusis an antioxidant and works as a protective barrier against aggressions external to the human body. ,, finally, is a natural energizer and booster. 

And to add a touch of delicacy, accompany your tea with small moringa cookies , or gluten-free madeleines with sweet potato flour and Baobab powder.

2. Do a wellness massage

Autumn is the perfect time to let go. Giving yourself a massage allows you to regain an inner serenity, a soothing of physical tensions and a well-being on a daily basis.

For an optimal massage, choosemoringa oil which can also be used in massage oil because its texture is light and its action extremely effective.

En effet, l’huile de moringa renforce the hydrolipidic movie and elasticity but also the suppleness and hydration of the skin. This oil also has antibacterial and antifungal properties which makes it very effective against skin disorders such as psoriasis, eczema or any type of skin irritation.

3. Make a facial

Les températures de plus en plus fraîches peuvent provoquer des sensations de tiraillements et de sécheresse de la peau. Profitez d’être chez vous pour protéger votre peau et adopter une routine adaptée à l’arrivée du froid.

Start by purifying your skin using a kaolin maskFor example. Kaolin has a soft texture and is suitable for even the most sensitive skin. It has a remarkable absorbent properties. With its mineral composition, it revitalizes and restores shine to dry skin.

Finally, moisturize your skin by drinking plenty of water and using natural care such as Shea butter andpalm kernel oil (for normal to dry skin).

4. Prepare a good dish

Les meilleurs plats se font en automne. En automne, nous avons envie de déguster des soupes savoureuses et des plats chaleureux, gourmands mais aussi healthy avec notamment une grande variété de légumes de saison telles que la courge, le butternut, la citrouille, de potimarron ou encore le topinambour.

Personally, I tested the pumpkin soup seen on the website and I added some penja white pepper for the spicy side. A killer!

5. Read a book

Autumn is the most “cocooning” season. Where our habits of laziness come back faster than a speeding bullet. However, the best habit of laziness and probably the most virtuous is reading. Bundling up and smoking tea, autumn is the season to enjoy an exciting book that will make you almost forget the cool temperatures and the cold of winter.

I went from personal development books such as Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod or start with the why by Simon Sinek in September to John Green’s romantic but sad book, The Fault in Our Stars, in November.

It’s amazing how our readings tend to adapt to the seasons!

En conclusion, un automne doit par définition cocooning. C’est une saison où on aime à prendre le temps pour nous et à profiter de notre home sweet home. Pour optimiser à fond nos instants nesting, il convient d’adopter ces quelques conseils, parmi tant d’autres. Car, le plus important, c’est bien de faire ce qui nous rend heureux, non ?